Fansub Review: [AIDOL] AKBINGO! 120620

Dear AIDOL: Please get a new translator. Or a new editor. Or a new typesetter. Hell, why not get completely new staff? At least they’d have a chance at being competent.

This review is formatted similar to how Dark_Sage from does his reviews. Don’t like it? Oh well.

Also, they released their “release” as a .ass file. Seriously, guys? Do you not know what a mkv is?


Little more blur, could be a bit bigger.

Though, I should actually stop taking them seriously.

Is that…

Dear god, it is. What the hell, AIDOL? Who in their right mind uses Comic Sans as a dialogue font? And why the hell is it so close to the bottom? Use the overscan mask if you have to!

Where are my TSes?

This looks ugly. I’ll forgive you for not TSing those (though you could have just put them in a corner), but it still looks pretty damn bad. You know how you could have avoided this? With a better font. And better styling all around.

Nice… try? I guess? Also, is that a watermark I see? I don’t like watermarks, you know.

My eyes.

Generally, groups include secondary styles for overlapping lines. Not AIDOL.

I commend the effort, but get your colors right. Or mask that sign. It’s permissible.

These two signs come right after each other. Arbitrary typesetting choices, ahoy!

The first Japanese sign fades for the second to come back. Did AIDOL make the effort to match it? Nah.

Wait wait, what? You did the first two signs that were like this, but not this one? Why the hell not?


What in the name of… How? This barely makes any sense, and isn’t even what the Japanese reads.

twelve => 12.

What the hell is this timing? It doesn’t even match the narration.

6 => six. Dear god, is AIDOL incompetent at numbers?

I know alright” is creeping into common usage, but it still looks like shit. Try “all right”.

Also, the first part of the sentence makes no sense. Seriously, what are you smoking, AIDOL?

You’re approaching Chiki levels of incrompehendable.

“Express your thoughts regarding your life” is much more readable.

Because you totally make them easier to express with their hearts.

If you’re using “sensei” to refer to a person, then you capitalize it. This is basic shit, guys. What’s even worse? They got it right. Once. Accidentally. Because it was at the beginning of a sentence.

Also, the first line is three frames off from a keyframe. Snap to keyframe kthx.

I don’t think AIDOL knows what a comma is.

In English, we generally end our sentences with punctuation. What does this mean? Either AIDOL fails at English, or they aren’t subbing in English. Either explanation makes sense, actually.

Also, nice reverse scene bleed. (O_<)b

Why the hell do you have the “(No change)” here?

Why are the subs and the TS different, considering that the TS is literally what she says?

Why the hell do you typeset this, but practically nothing else?

AIDOL, I hate you.

You mean, “from these five” or “from among these five”. Just “among these five” means that she’s part of the group.

I’m not.

Oh god why.

I don’t even… Huh? What?

Goddamn it, AIDOL.

Oh yeah, did the timing become shit? There used to be a scene bleed ever 2 minutes, but now there’s one every 30 seconds.

“Nyan nyan” => “Nyan Nyan” or “Nyan-nyan”. It’s a name. Treat it as such.

Also, was “I feel happy when called that” too hard to use?

All dat punctuation.

You know something’s up when your TL notes take up half the line length.

Why, AIDOL? Why? Why do you change your styling rules? In the middle of the script, even!

Dat heart. Dat missing punctuation.

AIDOL. Changing translation practices, all day erry day.

You know what, screw this. I’m only 12 minutes in, and there’s 45 screenshots.

Fuck you, AIDOL. Fuck you.


Visuals: D

Script: F

Final Score: F

Seriously, AIDOL? You’re the most active AKBINGO subbing group around, and your releases are this shit?

Go throw your group into a pit. With a shamwow.



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